I am Harley Buckley.
UX/UI designer.

Meet your maker

I am a UX/UI designer who has been conceptualising and building digital products for 2 years.

Prior to this I worked in primarily print and branding design which I had worked in since 2014.

I recently updated my education with a course at Berghs School of communication in UX and digital products.

So what have I done?


Harley is a great guy to work with. He puts his head down and works hard but also challenges the processes and tries to come up with ideas for how the company can improve. In addition he’s got a great sense of humor and brings a lot of energy to the team.

Joachim Wernersson



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The things i appreciate most with Harley is his experience, knowing his way around things, but even more so his attitude and social skills. He’s easygoing and fun to work with and even when you’re not working, he’s still fun. From my experience, Harley loves what he does and I truly believe that’s the most important characteristic you need when looking for creative skills. He puts his heart into things he delivers.

Alexander Zahari



My process

Empathise with the user.
Define the problem.
Synthesise a solution.
Build a prototype.
Test the impact.
In no specific order.

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