Redesigning a website for usability and UI cohesiveness

My Role
Project Time

Entrepreneurial advisor and AI business coach 
Design Lead
Figma, Zeplin
3 weeks

Pitching usability

Edventures advertised for a UI designer at their company, and upon reviewing the website we discussed how the current design was visually interesting, but sending the wrong messages to the user. Expressing the need to follow the most current UX/UI understanding in a broad level comes down to the nature of the business being entirely online. Therefore the primary goal as a designer needs to be on building a clearly understandable UI that leads the user to focus on their own business endeavours.

The base of a design system

Previously a branding document had been built by the collaboration of the head of marketing and the senior web developer in order to create a business identity. This design was not in line with current understanding of UX/UI so I used the elements of the design to create a consistent base design system

Handoff problems and solutions

Prior to building the design system, I sent through the Zeplin link to the developer had trouble following the design style of each button, icon and image. This was because i had not identified and linked the elements (assets in figma) which had therefore not given a standard design for the developer to follow. This is what lead to building the design system and standardising these elements for future iterations.


One of the major considerations when redesigning is that the overall structure and content stay as much the same as possible for continuity with current clientele. As you can see from these comparisons, the concept is the same, but the elements have been optimised for current UX/UI practices.



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