Developing supply chain management software product of a B2B SaaS

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B2B supply chain management
UX/UI, Product Design, Branding, Service Design, Design Consultancy, Web Design 
Figma, Zeplin, WordPress, Elementor
Average 2 days

Onsite supplier audit application

One of Kodiak’s offerings requires suppliers to do a self assessment of their facilities in order to gauge compliance. This application is used by several different industries by individuals with several different levels of technical ability, therefore clear and simple layouts are of utmost priority, whilst also allowing for the variable information that could be included when building the questionnaire.

Previous design

The original design was functional in terms of variable information, but the design was inconsistent with the current designs of the rest of the product, and some elements are difficult to discern due to the overly simplified design.


The aim of the redesign clarified a lot of usability elements and maintained edibility. The always visible step process allowed quick navigation, the notes are easy to find, and the answers to questions are clear.


Whilst solving some problems, other problems because apparent. Firstly, the red and green colouring signified other important elements elsewhere on the system and to use them here would be confusing. Second, the button contents could be variable so standardisation of layout had to change also but remain clear. And lastly, if the questionnaire is closed and reopened at another time, it’s important to be able to see, what has been answered, and the level of completion.

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