SEO rebuild for growing businesses

My Role
Project Time

building and carpentry service
Web designer
WordPress, Elementor
Two weeks

Becoming a web editor

Many small businesses that I build a digital facing presence for have limited resources for maintaining and editing their websites. My involvement as a web designer with these companies is usually a one off experience, so there is a learning curve for company employees in order to be able to take on these responsibilities and functions themselves. Using a WordPress plugin built by my contacts in Australia, I can remove the functionality that would damage the website and take the client through what options they have in order to edit what is available on their website.



Digital presence for small businesses

Managing the digital presence for a small business requires thinking beyond the SEO. Search engines of course will drive customers to find the website easier, but mostly we are relying on word of mouth and local reviews. Therefore It’s important to include up-to-date interactions with the community and surrounding area included in the website that is low management for the business owners.

Standard SEO

Of course also including SEO for a small business is still important. Given the nature of small businesses and how they are found through search engines, it’s mostly important to consider what the most relevant search terms are for locals. To do this we can gather information through the business itself but we also have to run this against data we have to ensure we can verify our assumptions.

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