drive buyer supplier collaboration

Kodiak Rating gives you the solutions needed to drive supplier performance and development over time, enhance buyer-supplier collaboration and enable supplier led-innovation.

All of your supplier management.
In one place.

Kodiak Rating is built with a modular approach to give you and your procurement team the flexibility to plug & play with the products you find most relevant, to effectively manage costs, and increase top-line growth. The modularity of the platform makes it scalable, flexible and agile allowing you to grow with the platform, addressing supplier management challenges in the way it fits your organization.

Increase ROI on your Audits and Supplier visits!

Gain Predictive Insights about companies, people & products

Supplier Performance Evaluation has never been this easy

Turn supplier insights into
supplier im(PROVE)ment

Robust Supplier Risk Profiles & Supplier Risk Management

Simplify Supplier Self-Assessments

Understand the Financial Risk and Resilience of your Suppliers

Your journey towards smarter Supplier Relationship Management starts today

Prepare yourself for a future of ML and predictive analytics, by implementing smart data management and BI already now. Kodiak Rating enables you to gather data in a structured, dynamic and simple way by making it part of your team’s daily work. Kodiak Rating’s supplier relationship management platform consists of an ecosystem of data-gathering apps enabling you to utilize supplier touch points; be it as goods are received, or an audit of a factory, or gathering input on the experience of a supplier. Analyzing this data will enable you to become smarter – and more sustainable – predicting where problems may arise, where quality deviations may occur and which suppliers will be the champions of your supply chain. Interested in seeing if Kodiak Rating supplier relationship management & supplier performance management platform is right for you?


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